Weather in Cheboksary

Yes it snows here, but locals gave up plowing back in 1562. Instead it lays there for months, collecting mud, oil, and dog mess. An icy goo that melts come April, leaving in its wake piles of dust that are picked up by spring winds and blasted into the eyes of anyone who opens them. Such are the seasons of Cheboksary.

Once the spring dust clears Cheboksary metamorphasizes into a Riviera-esque paradise. The air becomes clean and dry. During the summer solstice days last 19 hours. Even at night you can still make the sun, which defiantly peeks out from under the horizon. When temperatures rise into the 90s, and they often do, residents flock to sandy beaches that are only minutes from the city center.

An odd weather phenomenon at the end of summertime. September becomes noticeably cold, then out of nowhere a pocket of heat arrives pushing temperatures into the high 70s. The natives call this "Baba Leta"