Places to Visit in Cheboksary Russia

Cheboksary is located on the eastern bank of the Volga river, in the the Republic of Chuvashia. With a strategic location on Russia's principle river, economic development has progressed at a faster clip than nearby landlocked cities such as Yoshkar-Ola and Izhevsk. Located in the border region between European Russia and the Golden Horde, Cheboksary found its niche as a trading outpout with links to the Middle East and China. This is why some Chuvash look Russian and some Russian look Chuvash. Viking have also been rumoured to inhabit these parts.

Beer Museum:

One of Cheboksary's most touted tourist attractions is the beer museum. The building itself is unique, constructed of wood in the style of an old-time beer hall, and with no paneli. The interior is dark, the floor rickety, and lined up on shelves are old brewing artifacts. Overall it feels like a midwestern meth lab. After walking several feet, you are abruptly detoured into a drink-bar, thus ending the tour.

Museum of Chuvash History:

A fascinating look into the evolution of inhabitants of this region from caveman to Soviet super-workers. Given there are over 50 life size exihibits, the admission of 5 rubles is a bargain. One scene of note is a "family of the 18th century", depicting how upwards of six children, their parents and grandparents crammed together in a log cabin. Mom and dad slept on top of a giant stone hearth, with the ceiling only two feet over them. It amounts to narrow pocket, with almost no room to even stretch your arms or legs upwards.

Quick Fact:

In 1971 a Soviet SA-2 missile shot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) near Buktai, a village 30 miles west of Cheboksary. The incident has become known as "Russia's Roswell".