People of Cheboksary Russia


They are dwindling in numbers, engaged in collective suicide of kool-aid proportions. Last year there were more aborted Russian babies than live births. The boys who survive being coat hangered face a life expectancy of 40 years. This is largely attributed to the wild west capitalist years between 1991-1999. People were destitute and pessimism about the future clouded everyone's mind. Russia's recent oil boom has brought new hope to the masses. More young couples can plan a future without fear of losing their job. Alcoholism rates are slowly falling as more men find steady long term employment.


Chuvash are the only tribe from the original Mongol hordes who converted to Christianity, albeit forcefully. The average Chuvash has a mix of Asian features, but extreme examples vary from Iraqi refugee to blonde bomb. They emerged more religious than the Russians, seen by the multitude of churches under construction in a town of only 400,000 people. Strolling in hot pants along the Volga walkway is popular on Sunday's.


They are the twin ethnic group of the Chuvash and make up 10% of Chuvashia. Looks, language, and attitude are the same, with only religion creating a divide, if their is any. The Irish and Scottish share the same parallel. Both are Celtic, but the Scots dropped Catholicism and became vassals of the WASPs, even taking the last names of their new masters. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and James Polk were all Scots pretending to be Anglo-Saxon for social advancement. Tatars maintained most of their original identity, but can down a 1/5 of vodka on par with their Russian neighbors.


Chechens, Azerbaijanis, Dagestanis, etc. Collectively known as "Kavkaz", or in English "Caucasus" men. Ethnically Kavkaz mountain people are virtually identical to the neighboring Turks, with whom they share a common language and culture. All Russian cities are blessed with their presence.

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