Reverse Immigration, Immigration to Russia and Cheboksary

Many American visitors to this web site ask me: "How can I immigrate to Cheboksary? I want to live the good life like you."

Are you looking for the land of opportunity?

Do you want to live The Dream?

Cheboksary is actively courting Americans who want to immigrate. In their infinite kindness, the people of Cheboksary are willing to accept America's overworked, huddled masses. In no other city can you earn six figures and pay only $100 a month in rent. The average working week is only 20 hours. In Cheboksary, quality of life is more important than production quotas and profits. The wise men of the Cheboksary's city council know a happy worker is a productive one.


The path of your immigrant journey is met with a fork in the road, neither of which is less traveled. Your journey will be fraught with danger, a right of passage all American immigrants to Cheboksary have experienced at one time or another. Should you feel a rusty motorcycle chain hitting your exposed flesh, that is a Russian skinhead welcoming you to his homeland. If you hear a knocking at your door and see a burly silhouette through the eye hole, that is a career minded FSB agent looking to meet his foreigner deportation quota. Multiple concussions and sweating under a hot lamp make you a true Yankee immigrant worthy of this fine land.