Cheboksary & Chuvashia

Cheboksary is a gem in provincial Russia. The streets are remarkably clean, the townsfolk don't look angry, and monuments to the local culture, most notably cathedrals, are replacing rusted out missile factories. Cheboksary was awarded "Best Run City of 2002" by Tsar Putin himself. Given Chuvashia's lack of natural resources, its a mystery how the city is better maintained than its ridiculously oil rich neighbor Kazan.

The people of Cheboksary are saintly God-Men (and Women). Apartment doors are unlocked day and night. Cars are left unattended with the engine running. If you are hungry, just walk up to the nearest home and knock on the door. A Cheboksarian will feed you his last potato. Yes its all true!

For those living neighboring regions, Cheboksary is a popular travel destination. Russians travel from Kirov, Yoshkar-Ola and Samara to see the Volga at it most beautiful. Many even decide to stay, which has put pressure on the real estate market. Demand has far out stripped supply. Even so, apartment rentals are cheap and well within the average blue collar worker's budget.

With an average salary of $300-$500 a month, life is not easy for all Cheboksarians. For higher wages men sought out construction jobs in the EU, and girls found work as Au-Pairs in America. A few dollars trickled backed which kick started the economy. Investment gained momentum, leading to higher employment and a higher tax base. Cheboksary won't be a Brussels for awhile, but in the next ten years they should be on par with Prague or Riga.

There are noticebly fewer gopniks in Cheboksary, the snaggle toothed sunflower seed munchers who lurk on dark street corners and inside apartment stairwells. Unless you venture far out into the outskirts, there is little chance someone will rob you.

Online Scams

You may have found this website as the victim of a scam.

Numerous online scams originate from Cheboksary, including Nigerian style letters, dating scams, credit card phishing, and pyramid schemes (HYIPs). The masterminds are middle class teenagers working in "crews", that is 15-20 guys in a room, generating a handsome income of over $20,000 per month. With the city's clean riverside atmosphere, low violent crime rate, and affordable housing, it has become an ideal place for internet scammers to settle down and raise a family. Follow the menu to "Scams" for more info.

The Cheboksary police, who are highly trained, courteous and incorruptible, will never relent in their fight to protect gullible Westerners.